"True Marvels to Behold"


About Marvel

Marvel Bags is one of the leading bag brand in Kerala. We foster a culture of quality and innovation in our products. Marvel is the flagship bag brand from Maria Industries along with Marviya, Campus Birds and Bagaroo. Maria Industries was formed in 1998 January 5 at Gandhinagar in Kottayam District. Marvel Bags continues to be manufactured from its factory at Gandhinagar which is expanded to meet the ever increasing demands Marvel Bags apparently were first introduced to the Kerala as a School Bag Brand. The next big step came when Marvel introduced college bags with unique designs. Marvel College bags were instant hit and it became a household name in Kerala. The products of Marvel are well renowned for their unique style and designs. Marvel continues to reinvent new design and style of products. Latest sensation being Pulimurugan bags introduced in 2017. With a unique theme based on the largest movie hit of all time in Malayalam - pulimurugan, bag also followed the movie’s footsteps by setting records in sales both offline and Online. Marvel bags are available in around 500 stores all around Kerala. With a team of passionate individuals at the helm, the company is now making rapid strides every day.